Tuesday, 17 May 2022


 Vol.# 258

Thank you all for your prayers

The Global Leadership Summit Cambodia seminar in Siem Reap went well. The IT/Media Head of GLS, Bro. Chris, came in from the Philippines, and went up a couple of days earlier to train the young media staff there on how to run the seminar online. Then I went up with Lokru Mara and his wife Leah who are the Country Directors of GLS Cambodia, accompanied by GLS Director of GLS Asia, Bro. Raymond W and our own event coordinator Sister Kimlang. 

You prayed that I would not be carsick and I was not on the 6-hour trip up! We just had time to drop our bags off at the hotel and went directly to the site which was the compound of International Christian Fellowship (ICF): 6 acres of land which has been transformed into a water park and a training facility with a school that provides free education and free food for all of the students there. ICF also provides free clean cold water for the surrounding area. It is amazing to see what they have accomplished up there! The GLS seminar was for their staff, the Khmer and foreigners also. There will always be glitches when running an online seminar for the first time, and the seminar was held in one of those huge corrugated steel containers that had been converted into a meeting/worship place! This can get quite hot even though they had 4 of the hugest fans I have ever seen in my life there. So the IT/Media staff did an incredible job with the sound system and clarity of pictures for the onscreen teaching seminars! 

Feedback on the content

Everyone was excited and said the leadership content was very good, and that having different speakers from all walks of life represented a balanced view of leadership at high, intermediate and low levels of influence! HOWEVER, if you did not have a high level of literacy in English, some of the content was difficult to understand even though we had subtitles at the bottom of the screen. The curriculum books that we handed out were both in Khmer and English. The MC was their own Khmer youth leader who did a fantastic job with icebreaker games in the morning and after lunch when all of us were sleepy!

 We came back after another 6 hours of driving from 6:30 pm to midnight since one of the leaders had an early morning flight out from Phnom Penh. We are still debriefing but happy that other organizations like YWAM and World Vision want to collaborate with us to bring GLS to different provinces in Cambodia. The leaders out in the countryside are hungry for this while the interest is not as high for those in the city who have access to many programs and leadership seminars. 


On the trip up I got to hear from Lokru Mara, an elder and pastor from New Life Church, on how a couple of church plants were started. One started from a woman who had a family member who was very sick. She went to Lokru Mara asking for prayers of healing and the member was healed! From that tiny seed and also Lokru Mara going up once a week to encourage and have Bible studies there arose the planting of a church! After hearing so many of his stories, a decision was made for Sister Kimlang to transcribe those stories into a book! Sister Leah felt God was telling her to write a book some years ago but she kept saying about what? Then in the car in over 10 minutes, all of it came to fruition with the main players together! I love seeing how God puts His people together for His purpose in His timing! 

Prayer retreat

After finally getting a hotel that would accept 3 adults in one room, the time set aside went well. My 2 Khmer leaders do not have air conditioning and TV at their respective homes, so we adjusted our times to talk and pray according to each of their needs. One slept in until 9, whilst the other one was up early so we could talk and pray. It was a 'heavy' time that first night listening to the ways they felt unsupported by their leaders and the burden of carrying the ministry on their shoulders. One of them was actually going to quit! I did not know the extent of the brokenness because it was hidden so well by both, but I thank God for all of you who pray that I would be led by His Spirit and that I would listen to His heart. Due to your prayers I knew that something was not right, so the decision was made to have this retreat! And I got the blessing of their respective leaders for these 2 to have an extra day off as well! 

Prayer Request

Please pray that I would know how to help and give counsel and not break the confidences of these women to the leaders affected. Changes have to be made but I need to know not only what words to speak and when within the Khmer context but also to balance grace with truth for all involved!

 Prayer Request

Pray against the backlash of envy that these 2 and I went on this mini retreat. I have been hearing “Bong Srey Vidya has blessed them, I wonder when we will also be blessed!” I pray that people will celebrate each other's blessings and not be resentful or jealous. 

Prayer Request

Please continue to pray for Mum and Dad. Mum has to have gall stones (gall bladder) removed so we are waiting for a surgery date. She was and has been in so much pain that we are praying for a surgery date sooner rather than later! Dad is continuing to take new medication and vitamins by the doctors for his own health. Thank you for praying for them both! 

Prayer Request:

Please pray that those I encounter here would WANT to take up the Bible to read, to hear His voice, and not view the Bible as some historical document that does not have anything to do with life now. I am trying to encourage many to download the yearly Bible reading schedule and to set apart that special time to meet with Him!

Thank you so much for your sacrifice of time and financial resources. Please send in your prayer requests and tell me about your life as we all do life together!

Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vedya 


Friday, 22 April 2022

#257 - Khmer New Year and Resurrection Day Celebrations!

 Vol.# 257

Blessed Belated Resurrection Day to all of you or as we say in the western world, Happy Easter

I love the way the Christian Khmer uses this term to celebrate the most important event for the believer in Jesus Christ! Here in Cambodia, Khmer New Year overlapped with Resurrection Day. For the past 2 years, due to the pandemic, the government had cancelled festivities and had a lockdown in effect where no one could leave the city to go to their hometowns/countryside for the week-long holiday, but this year all of the restrictions were lifted, so most people left the city to go there to celebrate with family and friends. Before the official date of the holiday, we at the church had our own celebrations with traditional games and dance! I thought it was significant that my church here took the unusual step of celebrating the Khmer New Year in a big way right outside the church so that the sellers and customers in the adjoining mall could see and even be participants! It is customary for the pagodas to be the central place of celebrations for the Khmer New Year. Many would flood the Buddhist temples and their courtyards to pay respect to the priests there, and to enjoy the vibrant celebrations and local food. Those who are skeptical of Christianity, with the idea that becoming a Christian means losing their culture and traditions, were pleasantly surprised to see us wearing the traditional clothing, and playing the games along with Khmer New Year decorations at the church. 

During the Passion Week, I was at home and was able to spend time with Him, and on Resurrection Sunday morning at church, God allowed me to ponder through these questions: 

1) What have I crucified in my life for You My Lord

2) In what ways or areas do I show that You, Jesus, are resurrected in my life

3) In what ways am I helping to ‘roll away the stone’ for others

These questions have allowed me to focus more fully on Him and have centred me more on being intentional for His glory.

Praise: Oun Pisey, is the Youth Leader for the Next Generation. She is the only Christian in her family. Her mom got very sick, and was brought into the city and taken to the hospital. Her joints were so swollen and painful that she could not walk. We were able to access a clinic here where the disabled themselves build wheel chairs specially for the user! Oun Pisey’s mom did not want to be measured for the wheelchair, and was feeling very depressed. However, after I connected with the clinic and the head of our 5P group at the church, we were able to get her a wheel chair! She thought that it would be too expensive and that is why she had refused to even entertain the notion of getting a wheelchair! This is what your sacrificial donation to my support has resulted in, not only a wheelchair, but also Pisey’s mom has said for the first time, thank you to your Jesus for thisThank you to the church for this precious gift! I SAY thank you to all of you once more for your support of me here in my heart country!

Prayer Request: Please pray for healing of her mom’s legs and the continued opening of her heart to Jesus. Please pray for the rest of the family to come to know Our Saviour!

Praise: I was finally able to celebrate with Oun Lin and her fiancĂ© PaNHa who became engaged while I was in Canada. Oun Lin and I worked on editing of the info booklet for the church last year and her fiancĂ© is Oun Pisey’s right hand in leading the Next Generation. I was able to talk and be the ‘Bong Srey’ in listening to their hearts for Him and for the future!

Prayer Request: On April 27th to 30th, there is taping of the new worship songs. Please pray for good health for the singers, for their voices; that their families will be also remain healthy. We have seen in the past when we have produced new worship songs that those involved usually feel a significant backlash, so I am praying for His wall of protection to be around themPray for the leader Oun Roma who is producing and leading the group on her own for the first time!

Prayer Request: Please pray that I would know how to be their support. I have blocked off those days to be at the church to pray and to be of assistance. The taping of the songs is between 10-12 am.

Prayer Request: On May 3rd to May 7th, I will be travelling to Siem Reap with representatives from Global Leadership Summit Asia. It is a 6-hour car journey. Pray for safety on the road, and no car sickness for me! Please pray as we meet with leaders from Singapore and Malaysia as well as local leaders, that there will be a spirit of unity and joy! 

Prayer Request: Please pray for my mom and dad for their physical health. Pray for wise counsel from doctors as they go to different appointments.

Thank you for joining in with me. For the past 3 days I have been on the rooftop literally dancing and praising Him for all that He is doing. Please continue to send in your requests and life stories! 

Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vedya 

Thursday, 31 March 2022

#256 - Role Changes, Mangoes and Hair Influencer!

Vol. #256

Good morning from my rooftop!

I walked into a spectacular sunrise painting by our Lord Jesus Christ. I just sat and sipped my coffee and watched as the colours unfolded and became brighter and brighter! I just breathed in as His Presence surrounded me.

On Sunday I was able to reconnect with ManLy, one of my former students from Rescue, who had to stay in the province (countryside) during COVID-19. However, we had our Bible study together online as he also serves on the Info Desk Ministry. ManLy bloomed during this time. He became bolder in sharing his views and was the one in charge of the icebreaker games at the beginning of our sessions. So I had not seen him in over a year and a half! As things are back to normal here in the city, with school and church reopening, he is now back and staying at the dorm. The other person in the pic is Oun Theavy, who is another former student from Rescue and is the main receptionist at the office here at New Life Foundation church. Oun Theavy was in charge of all of us at the Info Desk Ministry, setting up the schedule and the Bible study content during COVID-19! I do miss our times together but I believe God used that time to build us up as a stronger team as our relationship deepened studying the Word together.

Prayer Request: Please pray for a job for ManLy in the city and that he would not lose that hunger for the Word!

Praise: Three days ago, as I stood by my window looking out at my landlady’s yard, I found myself coveting the mangoes! So I said a quick prayer, Lord, I just want some mangoes to eat! Well, the next day, what shows up at my doorstep? Yup, MANGOES! And so much that I was able to share with Savy, the tuk tuk driver’s wife!

On Sunday we had our local Christian Khmer station come to the church and put up a booth. They have been broadcasting Christian content for over 20 years. The head of the station is one of the elders, Lokru Makara, from our church. As we talked about the impact of radio out in the far countryside, we had visions of many listening to the Word either through sermons, guest speakers or music, and we prayed for His Word to be spread even further to the most isolated places in the Kingdom of Cambodia! I had a flashback to my childhood sitting by the radio in my home in Trinidad and Tobago listening to Billy Graham services!

Praise: We have the freedom to speak about God here. There is no censorship and I pray that this continues to be so!

One of the role changes here for me is that now I am mentoring a couple of the younger teachers at the Skill Training Centre that has recently reopened. I personally am not teaching a class. I am training the young teachers and the only times that I am in the classroom are to show the teacher how to use different methodologies and techniques. I get to pray with them and then discuss the various ways the curriculum can be communicated to the students. We all got together to eat and listen to Oun Pheareak speak of his vision and the mission for the students: leading them into a relationship with Jesus while teaching them English, Computer Skills, Life Skills, Thai, Chinese and Korean (some Khmer are leaving to go to South Korea for jobs) to get jobs which will help their families sustain a better life! It is exciting to watch this ministry as it reopens and takes off! The Director of Operations, Lokru Virak, asked me to mentor Oun Pheareak also as he is new to the leadership of the education ministry here. Thankfully, Oun Pheareak had asked if I could help as well!

Prayer Request: Please pray for His wisdom and discernment as I look at Khmer culture and help to train the next generation of leaders within the Khmer context!

And lastly, apparently I have started a trend here, one that my Mom might not approve of! Last week at the office we had 6 people change their hair colour to go with mine! It was funny because everyone kept saying, Ooh, you are now like Bong Vidya!

Thank you to those who have been sending in your prayer requests and sharing about your life with me. I am honoured to be able to take your prayer requests to the feet of Jesus! Please keep sharing your lives with me

Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vedya 

Friday, 11 March 2022

#255 - Ministry Snippets: Teaching and Women's Appreciation Event


 Good morning from my rooftop

It is an unusually cool morning and I am very grateful for the clouds giving me shade! I thought that I would send some pics to show you what I have been doing since I last sent out an update.

At the first staff meeting last Tuesday, as I walked in and various members of the staff rushed up to give me hugs (we all wore masks and sat in the required social distance but we were still hugging and fist bumping each other!), I felt this renewed sense of love and appreciation for all! I was immediately involved in focusing and concentrating on Khmer language for about 2 and 1/2 hours! 

On that same day, I had set up to meet with a Khmer teacher who was teaching English basics to a class filled with different literacy levels. As we sat and prayed and consecrated the classroom to Him and affirmed that teaching is one way of worshipping Him, and giving thanks for the opportunity to reach out to students at risk and who come from impoverished backgrounds, I decided, with the approval of Oun Uddom, the teacher, to stay so that I could get a better idea on how to help/mentor him in his teaching. Well, I ended up teaching the class for about 3/4 of the hour, doing pronunciation (yes, you heard correctly!) with them using Khmer sounds so that they could say the words in English! It was fun but a bit exhausting as I had started that day at 3 in the morning still getting used to being back here!


On Friday last, we had a party for the women/girls on staff in honor of International Women’s Day, which is a public holiday here in Cambodia. It was a time of games and prayer and worship, again a time of reconnecting with the female staff and listening to their hearts and then to pray! I pray that with the pictures you not only get a sense of the community here, but also His purpose for me at New Life Foundation church.




There was a power outage at a service but we still had church! The guest speaker shared on spiritual freedom. We lost power just before he came on. The impact of his testimony was so powerful!

I will be restarting my Bible study with Oun Muylen (formerly of Prison Fellowship but now part of BRAVE ministry), and I am looking forward to seeing which book from the Bible she will choose!

PraiseThank you all for your continued prayers and financial support for His work here. You are all my dance partners and I am so thankful for all of you!

Praise: Thankful for the landlord/landlady for always being there ready to fix anything. They put a small screen back up on an opening for me when a HUGE cockroach nearly landed on me! Today they are fixing a leaky faucet for me while I am at work.

Prayer: I still have more administrative meetings. I ask for your wisdom that I would not say one word more or less, and that I would always be His Servant in His Spirit!

How can I pray with and for you? Please do send in your requests and also share your life stories as I am sharing my own with you! 

Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vedya 

Friday, 25 February 2022

#254 - Flight Tings and Arrival!

 Vol.# 254


Thank you for your prayers.

I left Toronto on Wednesday at 11:40am and was in Phnom Penh by Friday 25th at one in the morning! The first leg of the flight was an answer to your prayers. I got the whole row of 3 seats to myself! I only felt anxious and claustrophobic for a couple of minutes from wearing the double mask, so I got up and went to the washroom there to take it off and to breathe. The flight itself was smooth and the layover at Seoul was delayed for about an hour, so instead of a 3-hour layover it was 4.


The funny thing is, as I looked at the people who were waiting to board the second flight (and it was a pretty full flight no spare seats where I was), I thought, oh I hope that this one person WAS NOT going to be my seat mate

Well, he was! 

He was chattering loudly in Khmer on his phone while he sat to wait, and seemed to know a lot of the senior Khmer who were travelling back to Cambodia. By then I was beginning to feel exhausted, so I just wanted to snooze! Well, to my dismay, he was my seat companion and began to talk about his life in California, and going to school there, and his family, and wanting to come back to retire in Cambodia! Then he would turn around and talk to the people behind and then to those in front! He asked about what I was doing, and then asked me some spiritual questions, and stated some observations he had made between what the Buddhists do and the Christians do when someone dies. He says, ‘Why give food as an offering? They cannot eat, only the insects and animals do. They have died...” Some of you who are evangelists are thinking how awesome this is to get a spiritual conversation going. However, I was going on now 18 hours of no sleep, even though I had all of those empty seats during the first flight, and my thoughts were scattered (some of you are giggling as I write that saying to yourself, Really??). We did talk, and then he relayed in Khmer all the things he learnt about me, and about the church, to all and sundry in the vicinity! After about 20 minutes I told him I might be falling asleep, so he allowed me to sleep! But the Lord sent him to not only help the Khmer seniors, but also as I waited for my 2 suitcases from the turnstile, he got them off and put them on the trolley for me, then went back to helping others! Prayerfully, he would go to visit one of our churches in the hometown where he is staying outside the city here!

Praise: I did not have a photocopy of my vaccines although I had a photocopy of the negative COVID result from Toronto (thank you to Jerry and Maggie A!), so when I finally got to the official and he said he could not accept my papers without them, I began to pray for favor and he vaguely waved his hand to go over to the other side to get it photocopied! I went to the girls at the counter and said I was told to come there to get my cards photocopied and they looked at each other and then at me (I was smiling at them and bowed my head down in Khmer greeting), so one of the girls just shrugged her shoulders and took my cards and photocopied them, to which I offered thanks profusely. I went back to the official, deliberately not going to the back of the long, long line (I received glares, but I just said to all and sundry that I needed to get one more of the paperwork done and no one said anything) and the official smiled and stamped my papers! It was a bit chaotic because we had long lines but not many officials to go to at the top of the line of waiting people to check all of the paperwork. So you had to guess, do I go to the right or to the left? Then with that in hand, I went through actual Customs where my passport was checked, grateful I had my Cambodian phone number already accessible (many of the foreigners had to go and wait if they did not have one since they had no SIM yet just arriving in the country!). Then I went to another line to wait for the rapid response nasal COVID-19 swab test! I got that done (my nose is accustomed to it. It still smarts a bit but I know what to expect and how to tilt my head way back!). 


Then I went into another line to wait on the results to be allowed then to finally leave the airport! The ONE Khmer official assigned to doing this was having a difficult time shouting out the names, and would occasionally call out the person’s country of citizenship! So you would hear a mumbling of a name and then ‘Korea’ and all of the Koreans would be going forward thinking it was their name being called! At this point you either can feel frustrated because you sense this is the last step to leaving, or respond in a lighthearted manner! I made friends with 2 Khmer young adults who thought it was fun to hear me speak in Khmer, and we decided we would be ‘helpers’ to the official who was shouting out the names. So as the official shouted out the name, we would look at each and say ‘did he say…?’ And then we would repeat it louder for the rest of the people! Then we would give encouraging shouts when a person heard their name and responded! One of the guys though was prone to say ‘skip the person’ if the person was slow to respond and the paperwork for that person would go back to the bottom of the pile! I could not do that, so it was with extra energy that I was trying to repeat the name the first time to get the response! When my name was called, my co-conspirators yelled and jumped and were excited for me, shouting for joy, so much so, that the official himself was laughing and nearly forgot to put the sticker on my shoulder to show that I had passed the test! So with a final shout I left.


It was around now 1-ish in the morning. I had contacted a former tuk tuk Rescue driver who is now a taxi driver. He came to get me in his new van, and yes, he took the luggage up the 30 steps. After taking the first one up he had to breathe a bit before taking up the second one! I gave him a very good fare since he waited for me from 11, and I can give his business card to others! He was asking about the welfare of some of the former Rescue kids from the orphanage, and was saying that now he works for a construction company as well as driving the taxi. During the pandemic, construction never stopped and he works for a Khmer construction company!

Now begins the restocking. The floors have been retiled, so this weekend I will be cleaning and rearranging things which were moved about or got broken during the retiling of the floors!
I am already doing some editing in English for official documents and getting ready for Sunday church.

Prayer Request

Many of the leaders are down with the Omicron. Please pray for quick healing. All have had booster shots, so their symptoms are very bad sore throats and a cough with little energy. Some, who are teachers registered with the Government, had their fourth booster shots yesterday! I need to make wise decisions where to step in to fill in the gap, as many are sick. Classes at Skills Training Center at the church have begun, with Chinese and computer training classes added to the English classes. Many have registered and classes are slotted for the evening already! 

Thank you again for being with me on this journey! I will send pics when I can next time.

Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vedya 

Friday, 18 February 2022

#253 - Countdown to Return: Urgent Prayer Request

 Vol.# 253


The countdown is on! 

I leave on the 23rd of this month and I want to thank all of you who sent messages, met with me on social media and talked on the phone. Thank you for understanding that I had to be cautious about going out since I am staying at my parents’ place, and my Dad, who turned 95 on the 18th, and Mum who is in her 80’s and are therefore at high risk to transmission of COVID-19 and its variants! I want to thank the Missionary Leadership Team (MLT) for their guidance, prayer and blessings over me. 

Urgent Request: Please pray that I would be able to get the PCR test done in a timely manner and that it would be negative. Monday is a holiday, so I would have to get the test done on Tuesday and the results on Tuesday as well since I leave on Wednesday morning to Phnom Penh. 

Thank you.

As I read from Exodus 40 there was a respective phrase which struck me anew: Moses did ….as the Lord had commanded…(vs. 16, 19, 21, 23…), and I wanted to humbly ask you for this prayer request. Moses could only obey because he made the choice, took the time to sit before the Lord to hear His voice. 

Would you pray that I would keep my covenant with Him and keep my coffee time with Him in the morning? 

Would you pray that I would have a learning spirit and a soft heart to hear with open ears what He is speaking to me?

Would you pray that I would have the courage and boldness to do as He commands me in His Spirit and not my own? That I would speak not one more word or less one word that He instructs me to say and that I would do only what He says to do in the way He instructs me.

I want to lastly thank my parents and siblings for their love and support as I head back to Cambodia. Would you continue to pray for His grace and protection over my parents as I depart?


Thank you and I look forward to hearing and connecting with you via email, texts and social media. Please continue to send me your prayer requests. I consider it an honor to take them to Our Lord with you! 

Dancing with my Jesus!

Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vedya 

Monday, 31 January 2022

#252 - A Look Back With Gratitude

 Vol.# 252 

It is with a grateful heart that I look back over the years on God’s faithfulness through you, my dance partners. Some of you have been with me from the beginning, with your prayers, words of wisdom, and sacrificial financial support. Others have come along through the years to be a part of His plan with me in my heart country of Cambodia. I just want to say a heart felt thank you


I have been in the kingdom of Cambodia from before 2015 and I am in awe as I have seen His hand at work. Through the medium of education, many have had the opportunity to get a job or a better job through free English classes. I have been part of discipleship/mentoring classes for the next generation of Khmer, seeing new leaders arising to lead with the values of Jesus Christ. I have been humbled to be part of the intercessory prayer group for the main leadership personnel at New Life Church, Phnom Penh.

Even now, many of the youth and prayer events have already begun for the year. The church planting teams are out in the countryside taking blessing packages and teaching onsite and online to the leaders, providing encouragement and sound Biblical teaching to the new spiritual leaders! I am excited to see, in spite of COVID-19, the new creative ways in which we have reached out to others while at the same time, we have come to realize how important soul care is to many during this time. I have taken a leadership role in providing soul care to a team of 15 leaders, whilst in turn, they check in to see how the ‘Bong Srey’ (older sister) is doing! It is a mutual relationship of praying for each other and teaching them to reach out to others to pray and to read the Word and to listen to each other’s heart!


Many of you know that I first started at the Rescue Orphanage, and in the past 2 months, 4 of my former students have gotten married so they are waiting for my return to have one big celebration party for all! These are my core group of ‘kids’ who are part of a group text in which we exchange prayer requests and keep in touch when we could not meet in person due to the pandemic. I am blessed to be allowed to be part of their lives from the early days to now as they are young adults and living in the city!

So this update is to say thank you to all of you who have come alongside me, trusting in Jesus for His plan for those in my heart country.

Praise: I have finished all of my usual medical tests and am humbled to get them in timely fashion!

Praise: I am grateful for the time spent with my parents here in Scarborough. With the variant rising and wanting to keep them safe, I have not travelled out of the area but I am grateful to connect with some of you via social media!


Prayer Request: Please continue with prayers for parents’ health and a better place for them to live in with ensuite laundry at an affordable price!

Thank you and stay safe and warm in the midst of these very cold temperatures!

 Love, His Warrior and Disciple, 

Submitting to be His Dance partner here in Cambodia, 

Your sister, Vidya